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Your Pack Needs You

posted Jan 11, 2015, 11:44 AM by Pack 46 Webmaster   [ updated Aug 15, 2016, 11:24 AM ]
Please look through and identify the Pack Committee role you would like to sign up for. We will be signing up our new Committee later this Spring.

Cub Master  -  The primary role for the Cub Master is to organize the pack meetings.  Other duties include acting as a master of ceremonies for pack events and representing the Pack and working with Twin Bayou District and the Sam Houston Area council.  Attend recruiting events.  Requires a uniform.  This is a 12 month role.

Assistant Cubmaster – This is a support role for the Cub Master.  The primary responsibility is to help with the pack meetings, and attend recruiting events.  You will need a uniform.  This is a 12 month role.

Committee Chair / Treasurer – The Committee Chair is the primary contact with St. Luke’s, coordinating the pack activities, and scheduling and running committee meetings.  This is a 12 month role.

Den Leaders – The den leaders work directly with the scouts and their families to make sure the scouts fulfill the requirements to achieve rank badges.  The den leaders are also required to make sure that the council’s records accurately reflect the acheivements of the scouts in their den.  The den leader is also the primary point of contact for their scout families.  This is a 12 month role.

Advancement / Recharter Chair – Is required to make sure that each scout has a complete application that has been registered with the Sam Houston Area council.   IN September the pack records must be reviewed.  Since each scout is only required to fill out an application once, for their entire cub scout career, the applications must be reviewed at the beginning of the year to make sure that each scout is in the council computer.  Applications for each new scout must be submitted to the council.   From October to the beginning of December is time to Recharter.  This requires that the current pack roster is aligned with the council roster and payment is submitted for each adult and child member of our pack.   This basically pays for each scout’s membership in Boys Scouts of America.  This role is from September to October.

Popcorn Chair – Popcorn is the primary fund raiser for Boy Scouts of America.  This takes place from September until late December.  In September there is  meeting at the Council building where they explain the process.  Early October is the official beginning of popcorn sales.  Forms are distributed to the families and picked up in early November.  Each scouts sales must be inputed into the database.  Popcorn is distributed in early December.  After the sales are final, there is another step for the boys to receive the toy or gift that they earned for their sales.  This role is from September to December.

Blue and Gold Banquet Chair – In February it is traditional to have a banquet to celebrate the birthday of Boy Scouts of America.  This role is for January and February.

Service Chair – As a source of character development, the pack gives the boys a chance to help their communities.  Since they are young, it is a good idea to keep it local such as their school, or the charter organization, St. Luke’s.  This is a 12 month role but is self-defined and pretty easy.

Slideshow and photographer – The boys love to see pictures of their year in review.  This is also a vital recruiting tool for new families.  We would like to have slide shows at the Pinewood Derby, recruiting events and the Blue and Gold Banquet.   This is a 12 month role but will require more time in April for the Pinewood Derby.

T-shirt Chair – The class B uniforms are their pack t-shirts.  We currently have a place here is Houston that makes our t-shirts.  They take 2 weeks to make a batch, and minimum orders are for 12 t-shirts.  This is a good role for someone who is good at keeping records but doesn’t want to deal with deadlines.

Recruitment Chair – There has traditionally been one recruitment event in September at River Oaks Elementary School.  We would like to expand this role to include St. Luke’s and possibly having recruiting drives in May.  The council provides signs, brochures and signage.  This role is supported by the Cub Master and Assist Cub Master.  It’s primarily a 2 month roles – September and May., but this person is also the contact person for interested scouts over the year.

Camping/Outdoor Event Chair – This is one of the most important committee roles for the pack.  Most families join scouting to have outdoor venues for their boys.  We need 2 – 4 people.  We ask that the Camping Chairs attend BALOO training offered in the fall and spring, and organize the campouts.

Pinewood/Lego Derby Chair – Another traditional scouting experience.   This takes place over one month. We hold this event in April/May.  The chair will need to organize opportunities for the boys to make their cars, have the race event and present the awards.  This is for one month.